Premium Country Targeted Spotify Plays Promotion

We are the only Spotify plays service in the industry to provide 100% PREMIUM country targeted Spotify plays! Fact!

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Premium Spotify Promotions. Country Targeting. Top Royalties.

Something you need to know from the start. All the country targeted premium Spotify Promotions on offer are unique to Claim Social Authority. This goes for ALL country targeted Spotify services on the internet.

Eligible For Royalties

Not only do our Spotify Promotions increase your popularity, but these royalty eligible services can put money in your pocket as well.

Confidential & Anonymous

Your campaigns are 100% anonymous. Nobody will ever know that you have made use of our Spotify services. This is our Guarantee to you.

There might be people out-ranking us for certain terms such as “buy spotify plays“, however, this does not mean that these guys don’t resell our spotify services.

Stealth Plays Technology

Our proprietary system allows us to promote your Spotify tracks in the safest way possible. Everything is done in an extremely safe as well as stealthy way.

A Steady Stream of Plays

You have complete control over how you want your campaigns delivered. All your promotions can be tracked in real-time so you always know what’s going on.

Spotify is one of the top 3 music streaming services on the internet and if you’re an artist or you manage them, there is no reason for you or your artists to not be on Spotify. Heck, Tidal is owned by Jay-Z and they don’t even pay royalties like Spotify does. What is the point of that?

The numbers

With our services, you not only get more Spotify plays on Spotify, but you or your clients end up generating Premium country based royalties as well. Unheard of in the industry. Why go with anybody else, when you can go directly to the source. Give us a try.

You won’t be disappointed!

Delivery rate – 95%
Returning clients – 85%
Real Campaigns – 100%


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