ENGAGEMENT [WW] | Likes + Comments + Real Shares + Subs (100% REAL PEOPLE) Campaign

$70 per 100 Total Engagements Combo

The secret to ranking well on YouTube? Click Through Rate. Yup, the more people you get to search for your video keyword and click through on it, the better your rankings will become. Really is that simple.

Well, that and engagement such as real comments and real likes as well.

The trick here is to get the ratios right. It doesn't help having millions of views, with no shares on Social Networks or Likes or Comments. You have to have it all and that's exactly what we're offering here.


These are real shares. This is nothing like buying "Reshares". Buying "Reshares" has absolutely NO effect on any rankings. You need real people, really sharing your videos.

You will be getting an almost equal amount of Likes, Comments, REAL Shares and Subscribers from 100% real users to your videos. The comments will be relevant to your video, however since these are from real people, we have no control over what gets commented. The most important thing to remember is that they are real and that they are not going to be dropping.

Example of a Campaign: If you buy 100 for instance, you will get: 100 Views 100 Likes 100 Comments 100 Subs 100 Shares 100 Clicks through YouTube for your keywords Each like, comment or share will result in a view as well. Just a little bonus you need to be aware of. Again, this is unlike just buying likes or shares for instance. These are real.

Your video will be searched for on YouTube, clicked on, watched and engaged upon. This is where the magic happens. Not by just copying and pasting a URL in YouTube and going crazy.

FEATURES: ⭐ 100% Real Human YouTube Users ⭐ 100% Real Likes From Real People (PRICELESS) ⭐ 100% Real Comments From Real People (PRICELESS) ⭐ 100% Real Subscribers From Real People (PRICELESS) ⭐ 100% Real Shares From Real People (PRICELESS) ⭐ World-Wide Users ⭐ Natural Delivery Speed ⭐ Minimum 30 ⭐ Maximum 1,000 ⭐ ABSOLUTELY NO DROPS (Subscribers may drop slightly as people may unsubscribe) ⭐ Confidential & Anonymous ⭐ Vevo Safe ⭐ Manual Start ONLY ⭐ MUST BE ENGLISH VIDEOS Please Note:

Campaign starts within 1 - 2 Hours from being accepted due to the manual promotion involved.


While we do our best to deliver what we promise, there may be delays due to unforeseen YouTube Updates that we have to deal with. These could include but is not limited to slow delivery and the occasional traffic spikes. Please take note of this when ordering.

We in no way guarantee ANY rankings with this package. Results vary depending on Niches, Competitiveness, Video Optimization and YouTube Algorithms.

✔️ Reseller pricing available upon request.
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